Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Diapers

I've been meaning to try for quite a while now and last week I finally did it. I made some fleece diaper covers (2 in 2 different sizes) and 2 fitted diapers. I could not be more proud of myself if I tried. I want to make sure I like them before making many more, but it was simple as can be, plus it allows me to use the prefolds I already have as inserts. I want to try a few more different types as well...but just making the ones I did I consider quite a triumph! I attribute it to my virus in my eye and the fact that I was avoiding being near my son the entire time my in laws were caring for him, so what's a girl to do. I needed something to keep my mind off itching my eye and going crazy (as my in laws do tend to do this to me) and sure enough diapers came out of it :) I think I'm in love. It allows me to change up my collection at a very very VERY affordable cost and takes away the urge to buy more diapers! A feat that I thought was insurmountable!

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